About Me - ianeyelight

I am a mixed media artist working primarily with digital photography. I owe my keen interest in focus and reflection to my time spent surfing and fishing while growing up on the waters of the Eastern shores. After receiving a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, I relocated to the golden coast of California to continue my work in and out of the water. As a photographer, I am drawn to textures and light. I find myself organizing space, creating dynamic compositions from just about everything. My work encourages the viewer to slow down and enjoy every moment. This awareness drives me. 

My current series has developed from the concept of a Mandala; the sequence of moments whereby each reality fulfills its role of sacrificial disintegration in order for new and more highly differentiated forms to appear. I strive to evoke a moment of meditation through the use of recognizable imagery in new, overwhelming forms, based on repetition and symmetry.

I am intrigued with the juxtaposition of water and rock, fluid versus constant. The fluid water is consistently eroding the rock, transforming it into new forms. I also see this concept highlighted in bricks. As rock is shaped by the power of water, brick is shaped by the power of man. Bricks have become the building blocks of our world, yet they themselves were once Earth, forced into a new shape. I am focused on articulating the vast depths of this concept; using one moment in time - often as ephemeral as 1/4000th of a second - I create a new experience. Letting the moment expand into a new realization, giving it a new life. My work is positioned on the brink of leaving one reality and entering another. Here is a moment of insight.

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