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Eyes of Preah Khan

I made this piece by reflecting one image I made of a corner of the Preah Khan Temple in Angkor, Cambodia. It is printed on metallic photo paper adhered to tri- plywood and cut using a laser cutter. The temple was built in 1191 to commemorate the father of King Jayavarman VII and is my favorite temple of the Angkor complex. Surrounded by a moat, and measuring 800m x 700m, the temple is so massive that finding myself alone among these walls was not difficult. Trees grow over the structures, sending their roots deep into the walls and push the bricks out of their way. reclaiming this 800-year-old building. I love the textures of the moss, and the way the statues seem to be praying to themselves. Demonstrating the idea that we are all one, that god is in each one of us. The way the totality of the images creates a face, with its large eyes looking back at you. The whole piece seems to breathe with life.