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Green Ganesha - After the Rain

I made this photo of the green and purple leaves in the jungle of Northen Sumatra shortly after the shining sun washed away a rainstorm. By reflecting the leaves upon themselves, I hope to create a meditative moment. I found Ganesh in the home of a family I stayed with in Ubud, Bali. Every home compound on Bali has at least one temple. Offerings are made three times a day to appease the spirits and bring good health to the family.
I love the colors and textures of this piece. I have accented this with the bamboo frame, setting the photo as far back as possible to accentuate the layers of the image. This adds even another layer as the shadow is cast from the bamboo, further repeating the form of the leaves. Giving a sense of radiating power, of Unity, Oneness. Indonesia is a great place to feel this kind of sensation, as its more than 17,500 islands are connected through the volcanic system known as the “ring of fire.